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A group of people socialize on the 16th street mall in the forefront while the 16th St. Mall Ride bus boards people on the other side of the street in the background.



The LiVE Income-Based Fare Discount Program is currently available to customers who:

  • Are between the ages of 20 and 64

  • Live within the RTD service area and

  • Have a household income at or below 185% of the federal poverty guidelines, set annually by the Department of Health and Human Services based on household size and income


LiVE applications are processed through PEAK, the state's public benefits website. Customers enrolled in LiVE currently receive a 40% fare discount and would receive a 50% fare discount under the recommended fare structure. LiVE discounts currently apply only to 3-Hour Passes, Day Passes and Monthly Passes; Access-a-Ride fares do not receive a LiVE discount in the current fare structure.


RTD is recommending changes to the LiVE program that would increase the number of financially burdened customers who would be eligible for Discount fares, including:

RTD is recommending broadened communications and outreach to increase awareness of and enrollment in the LiVE program, including:


LiVE customers will receive additional discounts in the new fare structure. Learn more about the increased discounts for adult customers and see what those changes mean for you.


RTD will take steps to ensure that communication with members of the public with disabilities is effective throughout the study. Persons who require materials in alternative formats, need sign language interpretation, or require other communication consideration for participation, please contact RTD’s ADA Manager at Please provide three business days notice for services to be arranged.

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