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A mother and son with medium skin peek their heads out to check for the approaching RTD light-rail train.

Since the launch of the study in early 2022, the RTD study team has consistently engaged with customers and community members to understand their needs and identify ways to develop a future fare structure, policies and programs that support the goals of equity, affordability and simplicity.



The fare study team is grateful for the thousands of community members who have engaged in the study to-date through surveys, customer and community meetings, focus groups, feedback panels and more.

Illustration of clouds behind a person using their hands as they speak at a podium into a microphone. Statistic that reads, "333 customer and community meeting attendees."
Illustration of a man next to a bus stop. Statistic that reads, "2,504 Bus and Rail posters."
Illustration of an envelope with a check mark. Statistic that reads, "25,648 email subscribers."
Illustration of a group of people sitting around a table discussing over papers. Statistic that reads, "185 focus group participants."
Illustration of a group of people all in different colored shirts gathered around a table discussing over papers. Statistic that reads, "12 community partner focus groups."
Illustration of a man and woman looking at a piece of paper together. Statistic that reads, "53 community organization survey responses."
Illustration of hands using a computer. Statistic that reads, "241,000 website and social media viewers."
Illustration of a hand holding a phone with a checkmark on it. Statistic that reads, "6,335 public survey responses."
Illustration of two speech bubbles. Statistic that reads, "180 feedback panel participants."

Learn more about each phase of the study and the customer and community feedback that informed the current recommendation.


RTD will take steps to ensure that communication with members of the public with disabilities is effective throughout the study. Persons who require materials in alternative formats, need sign language interpretation, or require other communication consideration for participation, please contact RTD’s ADA Manager at Please provide three business days notice for services to be arranged.

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